Here at Nemo’s, we understand the importance of healthy eating. Your child will enjoy a wide variety of meals as we include a nutritious home cooked meal every lunch time, such as cottage pie, chicken chow mein and tomato and thyme cod with cous cous as well as morning fruit and afternoon snack.

DaySnack a.mLunchSnack p.m
MondayFruitFish fingers, crispy potatoes and sweetcorn

Crumpets & cheese chunks
TuesdayFruitHoney soy chicken noodle stir fry

Scones and fruit
WednesdayFruitQuorn, sweet potato and pea curry with rice

Choc ice
Pancakes and crackers
ThursdayFruitTomato and thyme cod with cous cous

Pitta bread, breadsticks and houmous
FridayFruitShepherds pie

Greek yoghurt
Buttered toast and raisins