Our Activities

Our daily routines include a range of activities such as messy play, music and movement, garden time and arts and crafts.

At Nemo’s we also provide a variety of extracurricular activities including weekly gardening and cooking clubs, as well as sports sessions.

Cooking club

Baking at Nemo’s provides the perfect opportunity for our children to enhance their fine motor skills through rolling, kneading, pinching, and twisting ingredients. The children also further develop their vocabulary through learning new descriptive words, with the added bonus of basic maths! The children often create their own yummy snacks for the afternoon or make a yummy treat to enjoy at home.

Gardening club

The children take much pride in helping to grow the Nemo’s Garden, especially when they are able to taste the end result! The children grow different plants, from tomatoes to herbs, and enjoy being able to use them in our meals. We also plant and take care of flowers and plants which you can find around the nursery!

Sports sessions

Each week the children take part in sports sessions, either internally or visits from outside agencies, which include activities such as balance bikes, football, athletics, and dance.


The children enjoy weekly outings around the local area, including trips to the library, beach, woods and park. The children bring stories to life during woodland walks, use their imagination to build sandcastles at the beach and explore a range of books at the local library.